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Your website is the most important marketing tool when it comes to your local marketing efforts. Having a website that is well designed and easy to navigate is a key element in succeeding in today's world. Everything that you do online doesn't mean anything if you cannot get those online visitors to become customers. That is why we make sure we not only get you found but also get you chosen by your ideal customers.

If you are looking to make a significant impact in your local online marketing, consider one of our custom web design solutions. These solutions provide a highly optimized website that you control, including the necessary components to attract your ideal customers. With the growing trend in the number of buyers who research online before buying offline, having a great website has never been more important. Studies show that 85% of consumers search online in advance of a purchase.

It will also generate maximum local search results! Remember, these solutions include a highly optimized website, branded domain, Local SEO and robust content, local search traffic and ranking so that you can focus on getting more and more customers. After the initial consultation, you will work closely with a website developer to build your very own solution.

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Mobile Web Design

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Many elements need to be considered during the design of a mobile website. Mobile and tablet devices are used differently and their viewing experiences range. Due to the flash restrictions and load times of most mobile and tablet devices, many aspects need to be scaled down.

Our mobile web design tailors the functionality and display size of your current website for all mobile devices. When your website is accessed from a mobile device users are automatically re-directed to an optimized mobile version.

Understanding your audience and how they will use the site guides the structure. Once the content is defined, a mobile design is crafted to feel like an extension of the current website. To complete the process testing is done to ensure dimensions are correct and it is viewed across different mobile platforms. The end result is an improved user experience and navigational ease with a tablet or mobile device.

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Banner Ads

Banner ads are an additional way for you to advertise your company by implanting ads into a web page. Through a banner ad you can drive more relevant traffic to your website from another source on the Internet; this is typically done through someone you advertise with. The majority of banner ads are stationary graphic illustrations, however animated banner ads tend to receive more attention and drive more traffic to your site. There is an assortment of shapes and sizes that can be tailored to accommodate any website.

At DHI Digital, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience required to provide you with the highest quality banner ad to represent your website. There are a multitude of dimensions you can choose from, the most popular being 468 x 60 (width x height) pixels. Our banners are state-of-the-art and are very alluring. We will also display them throughout an arrangement of very active publisher websites. We provide the best banners in the industry by featuring numerous add-ons that our competitors fall short of including, such as dynamic content and product and service branding.

Banner ads are a great marketing strategy. They don't cost much, and the provide you with a lot of relevant exposure. This creates more sales leads, and also provides another avenue for you to expand your advertising approach.

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